Bridal Shower/Spa Party
​All packages listed below are priced based on time not services. You pay a flat rate for time that does not include gratuity, parking, or lodging for out of town events.

$32.50 per therapists per hour.....
$ 130.00 flat rate per therapist for 4 hours.... 

Option 1- Full body massages only

Option 2- 1/2 hour massage partial pedi and mani.

Option 3- Upper body work only.

Relaxing face, scalp, and neck

Stress relieving neck, back, and shoulders

When you want to schedule a get together call  and provide  following information: Name, Date of event, number of participants. Once the information is gathered an estimate is given. Once the estimate is approved  a final agreement is sent prior to the event.​

Corporate Event Packages

Corporate Chair is 1.00 a minute

Companies and organizations wanting to book therapist for an event will need to estimate the number of individuals who will attend to help determine how many therapist will be needed.
This also helps determine how many individuals can be served in the time provided.Chair events are usually set up on a flat rate basis to ensure the therapist is compensated for their time. Once all the information is obtained a quote will be given, if the quote is agreed by both Massage On The Move, LLC and the company or organization then a contract is completed and company check is given one week prior to the event and will not be deposited until after the event. 

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